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National and international demand for parrots for the wildlife trade and other purposes negatively impacts wild populations and individual parrots with devastating consequences. We need a global consensus to decrease this demand by affirming that birds should fly free and not be held in captive situations.


Parrots are not exclusive in their suffering. The global trade in wildlife harms countless species and perpetuates the destruction of natural ecosystems and indigenous cultures worldwide. In order to truly perpetuate the Freedom Project, we invite organizations and individuals attuned to wildlife welfare and conservation to embrace the project and make it their own.

The None Are Free Campain's vision is that wildlife lives free and flourishes in natural habitats while the people with whom they share the biotic community prosper as the international community pledges to support them in solidarity and commitment

Take a stance against keeping parrots in cages!

The Pledge:

  1. Parrots should not be kept as pets. No matter what.

  2. Embrace this reality and become an advocate.

  3. Commit to take one or more action steps annually.

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