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Foundation for Family & Community Healing

The Foundation for Family and Community Healing's mission is to help others learn to create a healthy and rewarding relationship with oneself, each other, and with Earth.   As a 501(c)3, we wish to raise awareness, engagement, and action so that we may intentionally and proactively nurture vibrant connections with all, including all of Earth's beautiful creatures.  Join our online educational programs, regional meetings and programming, and in social media. 



Tanya Adams - USA
Andrés Anibal Alvarez - Paraguay
Christina Andersson - Denmark
Anonymous - Australia
Anonymous - USA
Chrissie Barrick - USA
Patty Finch Dewey - USA
Kurt Duchez - Guatemala
Aaren Freeman - USA
Sudeshna Ghosh - India
Melanie Gold - USA
Mike Gruteke - USA
Chris Haskell - USA
Samantha Hicks - USA
Carol Hyndman - USA
LoraKim Joyner - USA
Gail Koelln - USA
Patricia Latas - USA
James Long - USA
Isabella Marinelli - USA

Christianna Martynowski - USA
Roan McNab - Guatemala
Norlan Zambrana Morales - Nicaragua
Bryan  Olson - USA
Danika Oriol-Morway - USA
Jeremy Radachowsky - USA
Ellen Sleeman-Taylor - Australia
Candice Tharp - USA
EV Voltura - USA

Marlene Walsh - USA
Aimee White - USA
Karen Windsor - USA
Dayana Zukiko - Honduras


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