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To end the captivity of parrots and all wildlife by unifying and strengthening organizations, communities, and individuals worldwide. 

Why Parrots?

Parrots are the most endangered group of birds in the world, and arguably the smartest and most beautiful. Parrots are seed dispersers; without them our forets lose biodiversity. They also occur on every continent except Antarctica. Freeing them helps all of us soar!

Our Goals

To alter public perception world-wide to the extent that the sight of a bird or any wild animal in a cage will be offensive and unacceptable to all.

To create a global community based in compassion, empathy and respect for all of the earth's living beings through educational programming, mentorship, conservation work and solidarity in the non-profit sector.

To promote the intersectionality of the oppression and well being of humans, animals and the environment as the impetus to take action to heal our planet (see One Earth Conservation's website for more information).

Here's the Reality:

The well-being and survival of parrots and other wildlife is imperiled globally due to the wildlife trade. Extraction from the wild results in suffering, abandonment, death, extinction and in the destruction of natural ecosystems, environments and indigenous cultures. Members of the global community can confront the truth that consumerist demand harms wild populations and individuals who are inherently worthy and autonomous beings and whose freedom is best expressed by belonging in their natural habitats. We need a global consensus to decrease this demand by affirming that birds and wildlife should be free and not be held in a captive situation. In order to truly perpetuate the None Are Free Until All Are Free Campaign, we invite all animal welfare and wildlife conservation organizations and individuals to embrace the project and make it their own. Birds and other wild animals do not belong in our homes, they belong in theirs (Mi Casa No es Tu Casa/My House is Not Your House). Together, let us galvanize an international movement that advocates for the well-being of all life (None are Free Until All Are Free).


*Please DO continue to love and nurture any caged birds in your care now.  Releasing them is NOT the solution, nor abandoning them (in countries where they are native, some can be released with expert guidance).

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